About Us – Shapen You

We strongly stand for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We offer the best blend of herbal ingredients, while eliminating the guesswork by our experts in order for you to achieve your desired results. We have helped lakhs of customers reach their goals and look as good as they feel.

What we stand for-
We understand and believe that being healthy isn’t a trend of a fad - it’s a lifestyle. But trying to balance a healthy lifestyle while also balancing work, school time, social calendar, family commitment and all the other ‘me time’ activities. Well we understand the struggle is real !! Every now and then life catches up with you and you need a push, this is everything you need to achieve your fitness goals in the most natural way possible.

We will never promote or encourage short term diet fixes or starvation. We strongly believe - in fact we know a healthy lifestyle is a permanent change and not a short term fix. We will never portray our formula as a slimming magic.
Why should you use our product?
According to the national family health survey, the number of obese people have doubled in India. Various reasons that could be attributed to this could be increased consumption of processed food, sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits to name a few.
Overweight people also tend to develop ailments like diabetes, hypertension, back pain and other such obesity related diseases. The natural blend of ayurvedic ingredients used in our tea will help you lose weight overall.