FAQs – Shapen You


Yes, the ingredients of the blend like green tea, garcinia, senna, fennel seeds and green coffee will help you losing weight.

How long will it take to show results ?

Individual results may vary. However one should be able to see considerable difference by the second week.

We highly recommend avoiding processed and fried food.
All the ingredients used in our product are widely researched and documented in Ayurvedic practises.
After drinking the teatox tea you could experience it in 4-6 hours. We highly recommend not drinking tea if you are travelling.
Take high quality probiotics or consume probiotic rich food (yogurt, fermented veggies etc) to replenish your guts healthy bacteria as seena can tend to flush them out when you experience bowel movement.
We do not recommend brewing this tea in large amount. It best to follow the directions to brew a single servings for best results and drinking experience.